Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jamdani Saris – Light, practical and pretty

If like me, you love to wear saris on an everyday basis to office, malls, multiplexes and of course, even to weddings and parties, then here is a sari that will work well for you. Jamdani saris of Bengal are known for their elegance and comfort and sought after for their beauty and craftsmanship.

Here are some of the categories that Jamdani saris can be slotted into:
Daccai Jamdani saris – have a fine texture, just like muslin and elaborate and ornate workmanship. Multi-colored linear or floral motifs all over the body and border and exquisitely designed pallu is what makes these saris so special. The mango motif that signifies fertility and marital bliss, is a popular design in Jamdani saris.
Saris with Jamdani motifs on Tangail fabric are known as Tangail Jamdani.
Shantipur Jamdani saris have a powder fine texture.
Dhaniakhali Jamdani has a tighter weave than the "tangail" or "shantipur", and is hardier. The bold colors and contrasting borders and absurdly low prices make them very affordable.

by Chandana Banerjee

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