Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kanjeevaram – Saris from the Temple Town

Rich, luxuriant and in pure silk, Kanjeevaram saris are from the ancient temple town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Believed to have been first woven around 400 years ago, Kanjeevaram saris now are coveted for weddings and important occasions.

The Kanjeevaram silk saris are known for their double warp and double weft. These saris are made of twisted silk yarn (three yarns twisted together into one). This gives the sari rich luster and makes it dense and durable. The cloth is thick yet soft and drapes very well. In a genuine Kancheepuram silk sari, the border, body and the pallu are woven separately and then interlocked together.

The Kanjeevaram sari is characterized by gold - dipped silver/ pure gold threads that are woven onto rich, beautiful, brilliant silk. The borders and the pallus carry ornate zari work, while the designs involve vertical and horizontal lines as well as checks.

The colors range from vibrant orange to mauve to purple, green, maroon, blue and rust. The heavier the silk, the better the quality of the sari. Peacocks, parrots and paisleys, swans, mangoes and leaves are the commonest motifs. Another important character of these saris are the vertical sets of caret (triangular) signs/marks lining the borders; they resemble pinnacles of temples and hence probably the name.

by Chandana Banerjee


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